Unicorn Coloring Box – Basil Herb Garden


No setup required. Just add fresh, filtered water and follow the instructions on the back of the unicorn planter box. Our fail proof design is based on the Kratky method: A non-circulating hydroponic technique for growing plants suspended in a net pot above a reservoir of nutrient-rich water. No soil means no mess or pests to deal with. It’s that simple!



Indoor Hydroponic Basil Grow Garden and Unicorn Coloring Box all in one – The perfect gift!

Kids LOVE our basil coloring gardens. Use your own crayons, pencils, or markers, and enjoy hours of coloring fun. This dinosaur basil herb garden will bring out the artist in every child. It makes a unique gift for any occasion! Especially for parents and grandparents.

+ Certified 100% USDA Organic non-GMO seeds included
+ Ideal for indoor growing and harvesting all year long
+ 16 oz glass mason jar is made in the USA
+ Plant food packet included helping your herb garden thrive
+ Perfect to add to your kitchen counter or window sill to show off your kids’ artwork
+ 100% growth guarantee or seed replacement
+ An accompanying E-Book with recipes and detailed instructions is included with each purchase