The power of water:

When growing plants hydroponically and without soil, you have to provide the best possible quality of water.

It is important to know what type of water is best for your grow garden. But how can you have control over your municipal water supply? You don’t. Every city has different standards. The chlorination in most city water does not provide the best foundation for healthy plants. But there is an easy solution:

Water sources we don’t recommend:

  • Well water: It often has a mineral content that is too high, interfering with the nutrient uptake.
  • Softened water: Usually too high in sodium. Not a good fit for your plant.
  • Rainwater, hard water, and water gathered by a dehumidifier are not necessarily bad for human consumption but don’t provide the best possible condition for taking up the important nutrients that we include with our grow jars.

What we prefer:

To ensure optimal health and growth for your organic plants we only recommend using fresh, filtered water. This will give the plant the best possible environment to provide continuous support for a strong root system and luscious leaf development. If you don’t have filtered water available here is a simple workaround: Fill a watering can with tap water and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using it for your plants. The chlorine should have dissipated by then and ready to use.

The right water will help the whole system flourish.